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Our ministry has two pillars: Bible-based higher education, including the acclaimed Moody Bible Institute; and media content, which encompasses global radio network Moody Radio and influential publishing house, Moody Publishers—home to many of Christianity's most trusted authors and titles.

At Moody, we help you bring God's wisdom from the Word to Life.




Scripture never stops giving, whether you first opened a Bible 60 seconds or 60 years ago.

We help you to better know and understand Scripture, no matter where you are in the world or in your walk with Christ. We have a wealth of resources to help you take in the Word and recognize what it means for your life.

  • Moody Graduates Return to Minister in War-Torn Ukraine

    Moody Grads in UkraineDespite Conflict, Church Remains Active in Combative Region.

    Bombings, missing planes, arson, rebel forces. These are common scenes in today's Ukraine—a country embroiled in conflict from factions struggling for power.

    Rich and Cheri Strahm, 1975 Moody graduates, recently felt called to return to the country's capital, Kiev, where they had lived and ministered since 1999.

    "The Ukrainian church has been activated by recent events," Rich said. Read more >

  • Gary Chapman on ABC's Katie

    Study Abroad - GreeceMoody Publisher's author discusses The Five Love Languages with Katie Couric.

    Marriage counselor, pastor and Moody Publishers' author Dr. Gary Chapman was featured on ABC's Katie Monday, June 9. The interview focused on his #1 New York Times bestseller The 5 Love Languages which has sold more than nine million copies and been translated in 50 foreign languages. Host Katie Couric discussed the inception of the book with Dr. Chapman as well as how and why to discover your and your spouse's love language. Learn more >

  • Biblical Noah Story: Fact or Fable?

    Noah MovieMoody professor defends Bible in public forums.

    In response to the recent Hollywood movie-production Noah, Moody professor and dean of the undergraduate faculty Dr. Bryan O'Neal was asked to participate in a published "dialogue" with Chicago Tribune columnist Eric Zorn about the biblical story of Noah. What resulted was a debate of the literal interpretation of the Scriptures versus a mythical or figurative take. Read more >




Our world desperately needs people of courage and compassion.

Moody resources prepare and inspire you to put the Word into action: feeding the hungry, tending the sick and spreading the good news. Through our conferences, books, radio programs and web content, you'll discover fresh, fruitful ways to better live out your faith.

  • Mother Extends God's Love to Reach Son With Autism


    "I didn't know how to reach his heart, and I didn't know how to break through his inability to connect with me."

    When Elizabeth Vesely '96 learned her son, Josh, had moderate to severe autism, she was saddened. She also sensed, however, that God had prepared her for this role. Read more >

  • Ebola Infection Doesn't Deter Missionary to Liberia

    Writebol EbolaMoody grads' mother recovers from deadly virus; still called to risky mission field.

    "This is what they've been called to do!"

    On Aug. 12, Moody alumnus Jeremy Writebol ('01) sat down with Matt Lauer on NBC's Today show to talk about his missionary mother who contracted Ebola in Liberia. Nancy Writebol is one of the two Americans who was recently discharged after being hospitalized with the virus. Read more >

  • Global Church Rallies Around Suffering Family

    Zeller Family - TileMoody grad's mysterious health issues prompted friends and strangers to respond.

    For several years, Misty's health had been failing, and she suffered a series of miscarriages. Her three young children were also showing signs of illness. After many trips to doctors, endless blood tests and long, sleepless nights, Misty and her husband Reid found the reason for their declining health: black toxic mold lined the walls of their home.

    Exhausted and heart sick, Misty poured out her desperate sorrow on her blog. She was beyond tired and her faith in God was fragile. She pressed "post" and fell into a troubled sleep. What happened next rocked her world.  Read more >




Our ministry is built on the kindness of others.

Much of our work is funded by the generosity of people who believe in it. Because of you, a young missionary can study tuition-free; a widow can find comfort in a daily devotion; and a man who’s given up on God can learn—from a voice on the radio—that God hasn’t given up on him.

It’s vital work, and you make it possible. Click GIVE to get started.

  • Does Your Faith Lack Vitality?

    Missing Jesus - PremiumWhat's Missing?

    We put our trust in Christ alone for the forgiveness of our sins, desire to please God with our life, and yet, we often find that something crucial is missing. Our day-to-day experience of faith lacks the vitality we know it should have. We feel like we're missing something and we probably are. We're probably missing Jesus.

    Charles and Janet Morris wanted to know what happens when we stop missing Jesus, and now they're sharing what they've learned. It's about seeing him big. It's about having our lives re-centered on the glorious Son of God all over again. 

    Get your copy of Missing Jesus today with a gift of any amount >

  • Stories of Your Investment in Action

    CTA - Jun VideoJun plans to take his deeper understanding of the Bible back to his native South Korea.

    Your generosity makes it possible for full-time Moody Bible Institute undergraduate students on the Chicago campus to receive a tuition-paid education. This allows our students to begin full-time Christian ministry immediately following graduation, unencumbered by student loans and free to follow the Lord wherever He leads.

    To see your partnership at work, we invite you to watch these videos, titled Moody Stories, which were created entirely by Moody Students. Watch more stories >


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