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From learning to better understand biblical truth; to living that truth in every way, every day; to giving others that same opportunity.

Our ministry has two pillars: Bible-based higher education, including the acclaimed Moody Bible Institute; and media content, which encompasses global radio network Moody Radio and influential publishing house, Moody Publishers—home to many of Christianity's most trusted authors and titles.

At Moody, we help you bring God's wisdom from the Word to Life.




Scripture never stops giving, whether you first opened a Bible 60 seconds or 60 years ago.

We help you to better know and understand Scripture, no matter where you are in the world or in your walk with Christ. We have a wealth of resources to help you take in the Word and recognize what it means for your life.

  • Easter Resources from Moody

    ESL ConferenceReflect on the power of Christ's death and resurrection with these valuable materials.

    Study, read, listen and apply these perspectives on the Easter season: 

    • a 14-day Easter devotional from Today in the Word.
    • a book from Moody Publishers that answers "Did the Resurrection Happen ... Really?"
    • and a dramatic look at the Secrets from the Garden (of Gethsemane), from Moody Radio.

    Learn more >

  • Former Gang Member Now Being Equipped at Moody for Urban Ministry

    CTA - Tyjuan GibsonStudent sees his major as the way to cross bridges to care for different kinds of people.

    Violence on the streets of Chicago is on the rise, and 40 percent of homicides are because of gang activity. The city has more than 100,000 gang members, some as young as 13 years old. That was Tyjuan Gibson's story. So how does God's light shine into such darkness? How did God deliver Tyjuan from gang life and lead him to Moody Bible Institute? Read more >




Our world desperately needs people of courage and compassion.

Moody resources prepare and inspire you to put the Word into action: feeding the hungry, tending the sick and spreading the good news. Through our conferences, books, radio programs and web content, you'll discover fresh, fruitful ways to better live out your faith.

  • Moody Freshman Sends Hope to Venezuela

    Hope for Venezuela - HomeStudent creates video to encourage home country during conflict.

    After being challenged in her communications class to reach the world through media, Leonor Torres and a group of fellow students produced a video to send a message of hope to Venezuela, a country going through political upheaval.

    "It was hard being at Moody and knowing what my country was going through," said Leonor. "I felt frustrated and drained every day."  Read more and watch video >

  • Prayers for a City

    Stories - Free Prayer - SmallMoody students launch prayer ministry for people they meet on the street.

    Every Friday night, students gather on campus to pray for the city of Chicago. Then they head to the crowded streets to offer prayer to others. They are never sure how people will react. 

    "Prayer is a way to genuinely love on people," said Moody student, Ethan. "It shows them we are genuinely interested in what is going on in their lives. Prayer ministers to people." Read more >

  • Moody Prepares the Pattys for Ministry in the Czech Republic

    CTA - PattysPractical training ignites students' mission to bring revival to Eastern Europe.

    The Czech Republic has a rich history of faith, including influential Christians such as John Hus and the Moravian Brethren. "[But] that rich theological soil has been swept away by communism," says Tyler Patty, a Moody student who grew up in the Czech Republic. Read more >




Our ministry is built on the kindness of others.

Much of our work is funded by the generosity of people who believe in it. Because of you, a young missionary can study tuition-free; a widow can find comfort in a daily devotion; and a man who’s given up on God can learn—from a voice on the radio—that God hasn’t given up on him.

It’s vital work, and you make it possible. Click GIVE to get started.

  • Discover the Treasure of God's Extraordinary Grace

    Extraordinary Grace - PremiumHe is ready to forgive, restore and give abundant life.

    Do you struggle with your brokenness and past mistakes? Do you feel like a broken branch on God's family tree? In their encouraging book, Extraordinary Grace: How the Unlikely Lineage of Jesus Reveals God's Amazing Love, Dr. Gary Chapman and Chris Fabry remind us that God does not choose only perfect people. He looks for those who need his extraordinary grace. He wants to showcase His mercy and love through you. 

    Receive a copy of Extraordinary Grace with a donation to Moody of any amount.
    Request your copy of Extraordinary Grace today >
    Listen to this theme discussed on Moody Radio's Building Relationships >

  • Stories of Your Investment in Action

    CTA - Jun VideoJun plans to take his deeper understanding of the Bible back to his native South Korea.

    Your generosity makes it possible for full-time Moody Bible Institute undergraduate students on the Chicago campus to receive a tuition-paid education. This allows our students to begin full-time Christian ministry immediately following graduation, unencumbered by student loans and free to follow the Lord wherever He leads.

    To see your partnership at work, we invite you to watch these videos, titled Moody Stories, which were created entirely by Moody Students. Watch more stories >


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